Banca Cattolica di Molfetta

Banca Cattolica S.p.A. was an Italian cooperative bank based in Molfetta, Apulia region, southern Italy. The former parent company of the bank (until 1998), Cattolica Popolare survived as a cooperative society.

Banca Cattolica
Native name
Banca Cattolica S.p.A.
  • subsidiary of a listed company
  • incorporated as a S.p.A.
IndustryFinancial services
  • Banca Cattolica Popolare
  • (now "Cattolica Popolare")
  • 1902 (predecessor)
  • 1994 (spin off)
Fateabsorbed by the parent company
IT₤011.389 billion (2000)
Total equityIT₤115.113 billion (2000)
OwnerBanca Antonveneta (86.836%)
ParentBanca Antonveneta


Banca Cattolica Popolare was founded in 1902. In 1994 Banca Cattolica Popolare Società cooperativa a responsabilità limitata spin off its banking activities to form a subsidiary Banca Cattolica S.p.A., which Credito Italiano acquired 35% shares.[1][2][3] The bank (S.p.A.) was later acquired by Banca Antoniana Popolare Veneta (Antonveneta) in the 1998, for 80%.[1] As at 31 December 2000, Antonveneta owned 86.836% of the bank's share capital; The bank had a shareholders' equity of 115.113 billion lire (about €59 million) at that time.[4] In 2001 Banca Cattolica was absorbed into Antonveneta.[5]


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