Bamonte’s is a family owned Italian restaurant at 32 Withers Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.[1] Anthony Bamonte began running it in the 1960s, eventually bringing in daughter Nicole.[2]

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It is said to have been a Mob hangout and in 2009, after he was released from a federal penitentiary, Anthony “Fat Tony” Rabito of the Bonanno crime family, was forbidden to return.[3] After Carmine Galante was murdered, they “closed down for a night and the heads of the five crime families held a celebratory dinner.”[4]


When Anthony’s grandfather, Pasquale Bamonte, and his wife settled in Williamsburg after immigrating from Salerno, Italy they opened Liberty Hall in 1900, which became Bamonte’s. It originally served as a banquet hall and meeting place.[2]

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