Ballymacarrett rail crash of 1871

The Ballymacarrett rail crash of 1871 occurred on 13 May 1871 at the Ballymacarrett Junction of the Belfast and County Down Railway in Belfast, Ireland. Two people were killed with 55 injured. The cause was a derailment caused by an intoxicated fireman who drove a steam locomotive with four goods wagons off the end of incomplete set of points at Ballymacarrett Junction blocking the main line. Another train came along and struck the first.[1][2][3]

1871 Ballymacarrett rail crash
Date13 May 1871
Coordinates54°36′07″N 5°54′07″W / 54.601935°N 5.901845°W / 54.601935; -5.901845Coordinates: 54°36′07″N 5°54′07″W / 54.601935°N 5.901845°W / 54.601935; -5.901845
CountryIreland, now modern day Northern Ireland
LineBelfast–Comber main line
OperatorBelfast and County Down Railway
Incident typeCollision
CauseDerailment caused by intoxicated fireman.


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