Baldwin of Lannoy

Baldwin van Lannoy, Lord of Molembais, nicknamed "Le Bègue" (The Stutterer; 1388 in Hénin-Beaumont – 1474 in Huppaye) was a Flemish statesman, and ambassador for Philip the Good at the court of Henry V of England.

Baldwin of Lannoy, painted by Jan van Eyck


He was a member of the noble de Lannoy family. He was a son of Guilbert I of Lannoy and Catherine de Saint-Aubin, Lady of Molembais.[1] He is the founder of the Branch of the Lords of Molenbais. He married twice; first to Marie, Lady of Melles and 2nd to Adrienne de Berlaymont, who gave him 4 children:

  1. Baldwin de Lannoy, Lord of Molembais: Knight Of the Golden Fleece;
    married to Marie d'Esne, Lady of Conroy.
    1. Jacqueline de Lannoy; married to Claude Bouton, Lord of Corbaron
  2. Philippote de Lannoy; married to Jean de Jauche, lord of Mastaing
  3. Anne de Lannoy; married to Leon, lord of Proisy
  4. Hugues de Lannoy; canon in Liege, Cathedral.


During his career he was named Governor of Lille. When Baldwin became Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece, he commissioned a portrait to be painted by Jan van Eyck.


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