Baldassarre di Biagio

Baldassarre di Biagio, also called Baldassarre di Biagio del Firenze or the Master of the Tryptych of Benabbio, (1430/1434–1484) was an Italian painter of the high Renaissance period.

Enthroned Madonna and Child, after 1480.


Not much is known about Di Biagio's life except through his works. He was born in Florence, and his style puts him in the Florentine School, but he was active mainly in Lucca. He primarily painted sacred subjects for local church commissions. He died in 1484. One of his works, Madonna and Child, is part of the Abbotsford House collection.[1] He is also assigned frescoes found in the church of San Francesco in Lucca, depicting Scenes from the Life of Mary. The style appears influenced by Filippo Lippi.[2]


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