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Balayan Bay is a large bay of Luzon Island in the Philippines. It is part of the Verde Island Passage and its entire shore is in the province of Batangas. The bay is between 23 to 28 kilometres (14 to 17 mi) wide. It is separated from the South China Sea to the west by the Calatagan Peninsula, which has Cape Santiago as its southern point.[1] The Calumpan Peninsula forms the bay's eastern side, that separates it from Batangas Bay.

Balayan Bay
Balayan Bay is located in Luzon
Balayan Bay
Balayan Bay
Location within Luzon
LocationLuzon, Philippines
Coordinates13°50′N 120°47′E / 13.83°N 120.78°E / 13.83; 120.78Coordinates: 13°50′N 120°47′E / 13.83°N 120.78°E / 13.83; 120.78
Part ofVerde Island Passage
Max. width28 km (17 mi)

The following municipalities line the bay from west to east: Calatagan, Balayan, Calaca, Lemery, Taal, San Luis, Bauan, and Mabini.

Balayan Bay as seen from the Port of Anilao


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