Bakhchisarai War (1525)

The Bakhchisarai War or Crimean-Circassian War of 1525 was a military conflict between the Crimean Khanate and the Kabardian Principality.[1]

Crimean-Circassian War (1525)
Part of Crimean-Circassian Wars
Result Circassian victory
Kabardia (East Circassia) Autonomous Republic of Crimea Crimean Khanate
Commanders and leaders


Tkhemuj Ianqot
Autonomous Republic of Crimea Saadet I Giray
Unknown 60,000+
Casualties and losses
200+ 26,000-28,000+



Before the war


Prince Inal had established a strong nation in the fifteenth century and early sixteenth century, uniting all Circassians, and Abkhazians.[2][3] However, after his death civil war ensued just like his predecessor. He dominated the North Caucasus and established diplomatic contacts with the Ottoman Empire, and the Kabardian Circassians.[4]

The war


Bakhchisarai, located in the southwest of the Peninsula, saw a victorious campaign bringing back great spoil, including 100 chariots packed full with cloth, a precious commodity at the time.[1] Andeimirqan (b. circa 1509), legendary Kabardian hero. He led the elite force of the Kabardians during the Bakhchisarai Campaign, supporting the cavalry and the two-wheeled war chariots. His leadership and strategic acumen were crucial in securing victory and bringing back significant spoils from the campaign.[1]


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