Bahah cabinet was a Yemeni government led by Yemeni prime minister Khaled Bahah from 7 November 2014 to 22 January 2015. The cabinet was made up 36 ministers.[1]

Khaled Bahah cabinet

Cabinet of Yemen
Date formed7 November 2014
Date dissolved22 January 2015
4 April 2016 (small cabinet)
People and organisations
Head of stateAbdrabbuh Mansur Hadi
Head of governmentKhaled Bahah
PredecessorBasindawa Cabinet
SuccessorBin Dagher Cabinet

List of ministers Edit

Office Portrait Name Took office Left office Alliance/party
Prime Minister   Khaled Bahah
Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah al-Saydi
Minister of Interior   Jalal al-Rowaishan
Minister of Defense Mahmoud Ahmed Salem al-Subaihy
Minister of Finance Mohammed Zimam
Minister of Information   Nadia Abdul-Aziz al-Sakaf
Minister of Electricity and Energy   Abdullah al-Akwa
Minister of Youth and Sport Rafat ِAli Al-Akhali
Minister of Civil Service and Insurance Ahmed Mohammed Lukman
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and the Shura Council Ahmed Mohammed al-Kuhlani
Minister of Health Riyadh Yaseen Abdullah
Minister of Justice Khalid Abdullah Omar Ba-Junaid
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mohammed bin Mohammed Yahya al-Mutaher
Minister of Public Works and Highways Wahi Taha Aman
Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Kubool Mohamed Abdul-Malik al-Mutwakel
Minister of Tourism Muammar Mutaher al-Eryani
Minister of Oil and Minerals Mohammed Abdullah bin Nabhan
Minister of Religious Endowments and Guidance Fuad Omar bin Ali bin al-Sheikh Abu Baker
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Fareed Ahmed Mujawar
Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Abdul-Razzaq Yahya al-Ashwal
Minister of Culture Arwa Abdu Othman
Minister of Transport Bader Mohamed Mubarak Ba-Salma
Minister of Human Rights Eiz-al-Deen Saeed Ahmed al-Asbahi
Minister of State for the Implementation of National Dialogue Outcomes Ghaleb Abdullah Mossed Mutlak
Minister of State Hasan Mohamed Zaid
Minister of State Sameera Khamees Obeid
Minister of Legal Affairs Mohammed Ahmed al-Mikhlafi
Minister of Local Administration Abdul Raqeeb Fatah al-Aswadi
Minister of Fisheries Wealth Fahad Salem Kefayen
Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed Abdul-Wahed al-Maytami
Minister of Telecommunications & Information Technology Lutfy Mohamed Salem Ba-Shareef
Minister of Industry and Trade Mohammed Saeed al-Sa'adi
Minister of Water and Environment Eizi Hibat-Allah Ali Shuraim
Minister of Education Abdul-Lateef Husein Hayder al-Hakimi
Minister of Expatriates Affaires Alawi Mohammed Abdul-Qader Bafakeh
Minister of State Mohammed Musa al-Amery

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