Bafatá is a town in central Guinea-Bissau, known as the birthplace of Amílcar Cabral.[1] The town has a population of 22,501 (2008 est).[2] It is the capital of Bafatá Region as well as the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bafatá, which was established in March 2001 with Carlos Pedro Zilli as bishop.[3]

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Bafatá is located in Guinea-Bissau
Location in Guinea-Bissau
Bafatá is located in Africa
Bafatá (Africa)
Coordinates: 12°10′19″N 14°39′27″W / 12.17194°N 14.65750°W / 12.17194; -14.65750Coordinates: 12°10′19″N 14°39′27″W / 12.17194°N 14.65750°W / 12.17194; -14.65750
CountryFlag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau
Admin. RegionBafatá Region
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total34,760

Bafatá is noted for its brickmaking.[4] By the 1880s it was an established trading centre for the Portuguese, including peanuts, cattle, hides, textiles, and salt.[5]


The town is served by Bafatá Airport, an airstrip,[6] and a regional hospital.[7] There is a hotel, the Bafatá Apartamento Imel. The restaurant Ponto de Encontro serves Portuguese cuisine. The surrounding forests are noted for their monkey and antelope populations, and Maimama Cape, owned by a Cape Verdean, organizes trips to visit the animals for tourists.[8] The town is in a derelict state; the streets contain tumbleweeds and cracked tarmac.[9] Several of the main avenues are named Bissau, Brazil and Guiana.



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