Badger Trust

The Badger Trust, formerly the National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG),[1] is a British animal welfare charity.[2] It represents around sixty groups dedicated to the conservation and protection of the European badger.[3]

Badger Trust
PredecessorThe National Federation of Badger Groups
TypeRegistered Charity

The trust campaigns against badger culling in the United Kingdom.[4] The trust filed legal challenges in the High Court against planned badger culls, challenging a planned cull in Wales in 2010.[5] The Trust won a temporary halt to the Welsh cull.[6] In 2012, the Trust's lawyers sent a 16-page legal letter to Natural England, which licensed a badger cull, calling upon the agency to stop a planned cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset;[7][8] in 2014, the Trust filed a challenge in High Court to this planned cull.[9] This challenge was unsuccessful.[10] In 2016, the Badger Trust spoke out against plans to expand badger culling to five new areas in South West England; the group's chief executive, Dominic Dyer, said that the four years of badger culling had "been a disastrous failure on scientific, cost and humaneness grounds" and called for a halt.[11]

In 2014, the group issued a report about illegal snaring and hunting of badgers in Britain.[12]

Local Badger Groups are the direct action side of the Badger Trust. There are 61 local voluntary Badger Groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.[13]


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