Baby Burlesks

Baby Burlesks was a series of short films produced by Educational Pictures in the early 1930s. [1] The series is notable for featuring three-year-old Shirley Temple in her first screen appearance.

Baby Burlesks
Glad Rags to Riches Temple.jpg
Shirley Temple in Glad Rags to Riches (1933)
Directed byCharles Lamont
Ray Nazarro
Written byJack Hays
Charles Lamont
Produced byJack Hays
StarringShirley Temple
Georgie Billings
Danny Boone, Jr
Eugene Butler
Marilyn Granas
Philip Hurlic
Gloria Anne Mack
Arthur J. Maskery
Jimmie Milliken
Dorian Samson
Georgie Smith
CinematographySidney Wagner
Dwight Warren
Edited byWilliam Austin
Howard Dillinger
Arthur Ellis
Music byAlfonso Corelli
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Educational Film Exchanges, Inc.
Fox Film
Release date
  • April 11, 1931 (1931-04-11)
  • November 6, 1933 (1933-11-06)
Running time
10-11 minutes
CountryUnited States


Shirley Temple in Glad Rags to Riches

All eight films in the Baby Burlesks series were produced by Jack Hays and directed by Charles Lamont, except the first, Runt Page, which was directed by Ray Nazarro.[2] As a star, Temple, received $10 a day.[3] In 2009, all eight films were available on videocassette and DVD.

  • Runt Page
  • War Babies
  • Pie Covered Wagon
  • Glad Rags to Riches
  • Kid in Hollywood
  • The Kid's Last Fight
  • Polly Tix in Washington
  • Kid 'in' Africa

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