Babken Arakelyan

Babken Nikolayi Arakelyan (Armenian: Բաբկեն Նիկոլայի Առաքելյան; February 1, 1912 – August 16, 2004) was an Armenian historian and archeologist. He specialized in ancient and medieval Armenian history, culture and art.[1] He graduated from Yerevan State University in 1938. He was a professor and a full member (academician) of the Armenian Academy of Sciences since 1974. He headed the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography between 1959 and 1990.[1]

Babken Arakelyan
Born(1912-02-01)February 1, 1912
Gecherlu, Erivan Governorate, Russian Empire (present-day Mrgashat, Armenia)
DiedAugust 16, 2004(2004-08-16) (aged 92)
Yerevan, Armenia
Other namesBabken Nikoghosi Arakelyan
Scientific career
FieldsHistory, archaeology


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