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Bab el Bhar ("the sea gate"), also known as Porte De France (the gate of France), is a city gate in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.[1] It marks the separation between the Medina of Tunis and the European city. The gate is made up of a lowered archway and topped by a crenellated parapet.

Bab el Bhar
Porte De France
The gate in 2005
General information
TypeCity gate
LocationPlace Beb Bhar
Town or cityTunis
Coordinates36°47′57″N 10°10′32″E / 36.799165°N 10.175618°E / 36.799165; 10.175618Coordinates: 36°47′57″N 10°10′32″E / 36.799165°N 10.175618°E / 36.799165; 10.175618


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