BS-TBS, Incorporated (株式会社ビーエス・ティービーエス, Kabushiki-Gaisha Bīesu-Tībīesu) is a Japanese satellite broadcasting station headquartered in Akasaka Gochome, Minato, Tokyo. Its channel name is BS-TBS (formerly, BS-i). It is a member television station of Japan News Network.

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Akasaka Gochome, Minato
FoundedNovember 1998


  • Television: BS-TBS is assigned BS161ch - 163ch.
  • Radio: BS-i had been assigned 461ch, 462ch, and was closed on September 30, 2005. - TBS Radio & Communications had been produced.
  • Data: BS-TBS is assigned BS766ch, BS768ch, but BS768ch is not being used now.


  • November, 1998 - Japan Digital Communications, Incorporated (株式会社ジャパン・デジタル・コミュニケーションズ, Kabushiki-Gaisha Japan Dejitaru Komyunikēshonzu) founded.
  • June, 2000 - JDC was renamed BS-i, Incorporated (株式会社ビーエス・アイ, Kabushiki-Gaisha Bīesu-Ai).
  • December 1, 2000 - BS-i started broadcasting.
  • July, 2004 - BS-i moved its headquarters from TBS Hoso Kaikan to TBS Broadcast Center 15th fl.
  • September 30, 2005 - BS-i closed satellite radio broadcasting.
  • April 1, 2009 - BS-i, Incorporated was renamed to its current name BS-TBS, Incorporated.


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