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BD Bacatá (abbreviation for Bogotá Downtown Bacatá) is an architectural complex currently under construction in Bogotá, Colombia, featuring the tallest building in the country, surpassing the Torre Colpatria and the fourth tallest in South America. The South Tower is 67 stories high and covers a total surface area of 1,200,000 square feet (111,480 m2). Development includes office and retail space, apartments and a 364 room hotel, replacing the former Hotel Bacatá that was constructed in the same location.[4] It will be the tallest skyscraper in Colombia,[5] and the first crowdfunded skyscraper, meaning that it was funded by private individuals through the purchase of shares and fiduciary rights allowed under Colombian law.

BD Bacatá
2018 Bogotá edificios BD Bacatá.jpg
BD Bacatá under construction
Hotel chain Eurostars
Record height
Tallest in Colombia since 2 April 2015[I]
Preceded by Torre Colpatria, Bogotá
196 m (643 ft)
General information
Type Mixed-use
Location Calle 19 #5-20
Town or city Santa Fe, Bogotá
Country  Colombia
Coordinates 4°36′17.1″N 74°04′13.2″W / 4.604750°N 74.070333°W / 4.604750; -74.070333Coordinates: 4°36′17.1″N 74°04′13.2″W / 4.604750°N 74.070333°W / 4.604750; -74.070333
Named for Bacatá
Construction started October 2011
Topped-out 24 July 2015
Estimated completion 2017
Cost COP $ 240.000 million
  • South tower:
    246 m (807 ft)
  • North tower:
    203 m (666 ft)
Technical details
Floor count
  • South tower:
    67 floors
  • North tower:
    56 floors
Design and construction
Architecture firm Grupo Alonso Balagúer
Developer BD Promotores
Structural engineer Prabyc Ingenieros
Other information
Number of stores 30
Number of rooms 300
  • 739 places
  •  405 private
  •  334 public



The name of the tower; Bacatá is taken from the former name of the main settlement on the Bogotá savanna of the pre-Columbian Muisca; Bacatá, which means "(enclosure) outside of the farm fields" in the indigenous language of the Muisca, Muysccubun.[6]


The BD Bacatá complex has the two tallest buildings in Colombia, one with 67 stories, where the new hotel, owned by the Spanish firm Eurostars, will be operating; and the other with 56 stories. The main materials used in the construction of the skyscraper are glass, aluminium and concrete. Both buildings will be connected by a pedestrian footpath in the first floor through the mall's platform, shared by both of them, and it will also have two pedestrian bridges, located in the 14 and 25 floors of both towers.

In the south tower, where the hotel will be located, the predominant material will be glass, notable in the curtain wall planned for it. The office section, located in the north tower, will also have a glass facade and the apartments section will have windows from floor to ceiling, and balconies.


BD Bacatá is the world's first crowdfunded skyscraper.[7] It is the first skyscraper to be built in Colombia in 35 years. The structure is financed by over 3,800 ordinary Colombians.[8]



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