Bến En National Park

Ben En National Park (Vietnamese: Vườn quốc gia Bến En) is a national park in Thanh Hóa Province, Vietnam. The national park was founded by the decision 33 dated 27 January 1992 of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Vietnam.

Ben En National Park
Lake Song Muc.jpg
Lake Song Muc in Ben En National Park.
Map showing the location of Ben En National Park
Map showing the location of Ben En National Park
LocationBac Trung Bo
Nearest cityThanh Hóa
Coordinates19°37′00″N 105°31′30″E / 19.61667°N 105.52500°E / 19.61667; 105.52500Coordinates: 19°37′00″N 105°31′30″E / 19.61667°N 105.52500°E / 19.61667; 105.52500
Area147.35 km²
Visitors6570 (in 2011)
Governing bodyMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hóa Province


The national park is situated in districts of Như Thanh and Như Xuân, Thanh Hóa Province. The park is about 46 kilometres (29 mi) southwest of Thanh Hoa City. The coordinates: 19°31′ to 19°43′ N and 105°25′ to 105°38′ E.

Total area is 14,735 hectares (57 sq mi), of which primitive forest covers 8,544 hectares (33 sq mi). There are mounts, hills, streams, rivers in the park area. The park features a 3,000 hectares (12 sq mi) lake with 21 islets.


Studies found that there are several rare species in this park. So far recovered were 1,389 species of plants, 1,004 species of animals, 66 species of mammals, 201 species of birds, 54 species of reptiles, 31 species of amphibians, 68 species of fish and 499 species of insects. There are 462 varieties of flora in the park, and 125 orders. Probably some of the reported species are now extinct. [1][2] In Ben En National Park the endangered tree species Erythrophleum fordii still can be found. In 2011 Vietnamese and Singaporean scientists discovered the new ginger species Distichochlamys benenica.[3]


The national park's main attraction is Lake Song Muc which can be explored by motor boat or kayak. Further tourist attractions are a caves situated in the South and the North of the national park. There are two forest trails, one starting next to the guesthouse of the national park, the other is situated on one of the islands. This island has two holiday homes which are for rent. The guesthouse next to the dam offers basic accommodation.

Ethnic groupsEdit

Different ethnic groups including the Thai, Tho and Muong live within the national park.


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