Bør Børson Jr.

Bør Børson Jr. is a 1974 Norwegian musical film directed by Jan Erik Düring, starring Rolv Wesenlund, Britt Langlie and Sølvi Wang. The film is based on a novel by Johan Falkberget.

Bør Børson Jr.
Directed byJan Erik Düring
Written byJohan Falkberget
Harald Tusberg
StarringRolv Wesenlund
Britt Langlie
Sølvi Wang
Music byEgil Monn-Iversen
Release date
7 February 1974
Running time
Norway: 175 minutes

Bør Børson Jr. (Wesenlund) is a peasant son with great ambitions. He starts a grocery store and – after some initial problems – makes a good deal of money. He then leaves for Oslo, where he makes a fortune in the stock trade. Eventually, he returns to his hometown, where he holds a lavish wedding with his childhood sweetheart.

The film contained popular songs such as "Å æ kjinne ein kar", "Børs Song" and "Wienerbrød-tango", first introduced at the stage version of the musical in 1972.[1]


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