Bø Sommarland

Bø Sommarland is one of Europe's biggest water parks, situated in Bø in Telemark, Norway. Bø Sommarland is located two hours from Oslo. It is owned by Parques Reunidos, who also owns Tusenfryd, another amusement park in Norway. Every summer around 200,000 people visit Bø Sommarland, which makes the park one of Norway's biggest tourist attractions. The park opening season is normally from beginning of June to the middle of August.

Bø Sommarland
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Location, Norway
Coordinates59°26′51″N 9°04′24″E / 59.4476°N 9.0732°E / 59.4476; 9.0732Coordinates: 59°26′51″N 9°04′24″E / 59.4476°N 9.0732°E / 59.4476; 9.0732
Opened1985 (1985)
OwnerParques Reunidos
VIP Tent you can rent.


Bø Sommarland opened on 27 June 1985 as Telemark Sommarland. It was local forces that developed the park in the "Middle of nowhere".

Sommarland year by year
Season Number of visitors What happened
1985 109 000 23 June Telemark Sommarland is officially open, Norway biggest amusement park
1986 148 214 Magasuget and a pool for children is ready. Norwegian television transmits several TV broadcasts from the park
1987 155 359 Several famous Norwegian artists perform in the park
1988 115 000 Number of visitors are very low, raining all summer. Sea monster Sjur and Sætra are new attractions.
1989 130 000 First Sommarland Cup in handball
1990 141 000 Hompetitten are the new attraction, last season with show in the Western City.
1991 175 600 Expansion of the children's pool in Vannland.
1992 182 800 A play hall called "Las Bøgas" from "Las Vegas" is built and Norwegian Championship in pinball games are held.
1993 242 860 Flow Rider, the world's largest artificial waves opens
1994 248 860 Bø Sommarland gets its first webpage
1995 232 240 Bø Sommarland celebrates 10 years
1996 203 056
1997 248 672 "Mot i Brøstet" are the new attractions and the Western City is transformed into Tivoli Town. World-known surfers like Tony Hawks and Terje Håkonsen are visiting the park to surf in Flow Rider.
1998 177 535
1999 209 355 Terje Håkonsen together with other celebrities are attending Swatch Wave Tour Bø- San Diego- Dubai
2000 171 897 Sommarland is celebrating 15 year anniversary. Sentrifuga and Space Ball are new attraction.
2001 208 785 Bøverstranden, a big water pool is ready this season
2002 205 011 Toy Castle Maurtua in Leikeland og beach volley
2003 198 500 Bad weather causes flooding in the park. New arrangements of music-festival in the park
2004 220 833 Half pipe is the new attraction, and a new record number visit the park with over 10,000 visitors in one day.
2005 178 000 Norwegian championship in Olabil and the park celebrate 20 year anniversary.
2006 205 000 Jettegryta is the new attraction. Parques Reunidos are the new owner of Bø Sommarland.
2007 141 000 Splash is the new attraction
2008 165 000 New management
2009 149 511 Upgrading the catering and several attractions in the park.
2010 152 408 Vassføyka is the new attraction
2011 116 540 Upgrading of mini golf, Tacky Summer Invitational is a big event and a Guinness record attempt in the park with Andreas Wahl, which holds the world's largest science class.
2012 95 900
2013 129 000 Trippeltrakta is the new attraction

Attractions in the parkEdit

Jettegryta (2006)

Jettegryta, "Pothole", is one of the biggest slides in Bø Summerland. Two and two are sitting in a boat starting at high speed through a tube before they enter an open pan. Slide is over 100 meters long and has a fall of more than 16 meters.

Half pipe (2004)

The Half pipe is one of Europe's biggest half pipes in water with a height difference of 19 meters.

Flow Rider (1994)

Flow Rider is the world's largest artificial surf wave. The artificial surf wave is related to Summerland river where it every hour a wave is released.

Mot i Brøstet (1997)

Mot i Brøstet was the world first roller coaster in water when it was built in 1997. Today it is Europe's biggest water roller coaster.

Magasuget (1986)

Magasuget is a ride that starts 26 meters over the ground with freefall of 9 meters.


Leikeland is the playground for children. You will find climbing castles, electric cars, fairytale houses, slides, jumping castles, mini golf and other dry attraction for children.



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