Bözberg Rail Tunnel

The Bözberg Rail Tunnel is a railway tunnel in the Swiss canton of Aargau. The tunnel takes the Bözberg railway line of the Swiss Federal Railways under the Bözberg Pass between Effingen and Schinznach-Dorf. It is 2,526 metres (8,287 ft) long, and carries twin standard gauge (1,435 mm or 4 ft 8 12 in) tracks electrified at 15 kV AC 16 2/3 Hz using overhead catenary. The tunnel opened in 1875 and runs roughly parallel to the later Bözberg Road Tunnel on the A3 motorway.[1][2][3]

Bözberg Rail Tunnel
LocationAargau, Switzerland
Coordinates47°27′55″N 8°7′1″E / 47.46528°N 8.11694°E / 47.46528; 8.11694Coordinates: 47°27′55″N 8°7′1″E / 47.46528°N 8.11694°E / 47.46528; 8.11694
OwnerSwiss Federal Railways
OperatorSwiss Federal Railways
CharacterPassenger and freight
Length2,526 metres (8,287 ft)
No. of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
ElectrifiedOverhead catenary
15 kV AC 16 2/3 Hz

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport has granted a permit for the construction of a new Bözberg railway tunnel, to parallel the existing one, at a cost of SFr 350m. The new tunnel will form part of a scheme to increase the loading gauge on the freight route between Basle and Chiasso via the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, and will be large enough to accommodate piggyback trains carrying road vehicles with a corner height of 4 metres (13 ft). It will have double tracks and will replace the existing tunnel, which will be converted into a service and rescue tunnel and linked to the new tunnel by five cross-shafts. A contract for the construction of the new tunnel and associated works has been let to Implenia.[4][5]


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