Azzedine Mihoubi

Azzedine Mihoubi (born January 1, 1959) is an Algerian political candidate and ex journalist, poet, novelist. He served as the Algerian Minister of Culture.

Early lifeEdit

Azzedine Mihoubi was born on January 1, 1959 in Khadra, Algeria.[1] He graduated from the École nationale d'administration d'Alger in 1984.[1]


Mihoubi started his career as a journalist in 1986.[1] He was the head of information for Algerian Television from 1996 to 1997.[1] He served as the chief executive of the Algerian Radio from 2006 to 2008, and the National Library of Algeria from 2010 to 2013.[1]

Mihoubi served as a member of the People's National Assembly from 1997 to 2002.[1]

Mihoubi is the author of ten poetry collections and four novels.[1] He is the recipient of several literary prizes for his poetry.[1]


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