There have been two baronetcies created for persons with the surname Aylmer, both in the Baronetage of Ireland. Both titles are extant.[1]

Arms of Aylmer of Balrath: Argent, a cross sable between four Cornish choughs proper[1]

The Aylmer Baronetcy, of Donadea in the County of Kildare, was created in the Baronetage of Ireland on 25 January 1622 for Gerald Aylmer of Oughterany, County Kildare: he was the son of Richard Aylmer of Lyons Hill and Elinor Fleming, of the family of Baron Slane. The Aylmers were a wealthy Anglo-Irish landowning family. The 13th Baronet was a recipient of the Victoria Cross.[1]

The Aylmer Baronetcy, of Balrath in the County of Meath, was created in the Baronetage of Ireland on 6 November 1662. For more information on this creation, see Baron Aylmer.[1]

Aylmer baronets, of Donadea (1622) edit

  • Sir Gerald Aylmer, 1st Baronet (1548–1634)
  • Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Baronet (1613–1671)
  • Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, 3rd Baronet (1663–1685)
  • Sir Justin Aylmer, 4th Baronet (1682–1711)
  • Sir Gerald Aylmer, 5th Baronet (1703–1737)
  • Sir FitzGerald Aylmer, 6th Baronet (1736–1794)
  • Sir Fenton Aylmer, 7th Baronet (1770–1816)
  • Sir Gerald George Aylmer, 8th Baronet (1798–1878)
  • Sir Gerald George Aylmer, 9th Baronet (1830–1883)
  • Sir Justin Gerald Aylmer, 10th Baronet (1863–1885)
  • Sir Arthur Percy Aylmer, 11th Baronet (1801–1885)
    • Captain Fenton John Aylmer (1835–1862)
  • Sir Arthur Percy Fitzgerald Aylmer, 12th Baronet (1858–1928)
  • Sir Fenton John Aylmer, VC, 13th Baronet (1862–1935)
    • John Evans Freke Aylmer (1838–1907)
  • Sir Gerald Arthur Evans-Freke Aylmer, 14th Baronet (1869–1939)
  • Sir Fenton Gerald Aylmer, 15th Baronet (1901–1987)
  • Sir Richard John Aylmer, 16th Baronet (born 1937)

The heir apparent is the present holder's son Fenton Paul Aylmer (born 1965).

Aylmer baronets, of Balrath (1662) edit

In fiction edit

A fictional Aylmer baronetcy appears in Anthony Trollope's 1866 novel The Belton Estate. The family seat is at Aylmer Castle, in Yorkshire.

References edit

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