Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie is a children's book written by David Walliams and illustrated by Tony Ross. It is the seventh book by Walliams, a television comedian best known as an actor on the show Little Britain, and as a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

Awful Auntie
Awful Auntie Cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorDavid Walliams
IllustratorTony Ross
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's fiction
Publication date
26 September 2014
Media typePrint (hardcover)

This book tells the story of Stella Saxby, the sole heir to Saxby Hall, who is plagued by her awful Aunt Alberta and her giant owl, who will stop at nothing to take her inheritance from her.[1][2]


The book is set in December 1933. The central character is Stella Saxby, whose parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, have died in a tragic car accident. In the wake of the tragedy, Stella's Aunt Alberta launches a plot to trick Stella out of her inheritance. Also featured are Wagner (Aunt Alberta's enormous owl that was found in a war), Soot (a chimney sweep) and Gibbon (the Saxby's elderly butler who offers much comic relief).[3]

Alberta lives up to her moniker as being awful. She lacks all sympathy and morals, having chosen to fight on the German side in World War I simply because she preferred their uniforms. Alberta was determined to have her niece, Stella, sign over the deeds of the house for her own selfish reasons. Alberta also tortures poor Stella in unimaginable ways so she would sign the house deeds. She has tortured and killed people and loves vicious owls. Stella rightfully fears her, and has to use all her wits to overcome the antagonism.[3] Stella also encounters a ghost named Soot who was her late uncle that she never knew. Soot and Stella become friends and decide to give Alberta a hard time so she would run away.


The book sold over 50,000 copies in a single week after its release, and has been met with high marks from reviewers.[4] In October 2014, four weeks after its publication, Awful Auntie had become the top-selling children's book of the year.[5] In January 2015, the book was confirmed as 2014's best-selling children's book.[6]

Film adaptationEdit

On 30 March 2015, while announcing the Billionaire Boy movie, Walliams also announced a film of Awful Auntie to air during December 2016.[citation needed] However, it did not air and Walliams instead announced it is being developed for a theatrical release.[7]

Theatre adaptationEdit

On 17 March 2017, World of Walliams official page announced a theatre tour of Awful Auntie following the success of the 2016 theatre adaptation of Gangsta Granny. Adapted and directed by Neal Foster, the run started in September 2017 at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, and finished in January 2019 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, and featured Georgina Leonidas as Stella, Timothy Speyer as Aunt Alberta, Ashley Cousins as Soot, and James Endears as Gibbon.

Board GameEdit

Publication of "Cluedo, Awful Auntie Edition," Winning Moves, UK


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