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Awazu Onsen (粟津温泉, Awazu onsen) is a hot spring resort located in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Awazu Onsen
Public baths at Awazu Onsen
LocationKomatsu, Ishikawa, Japan
Coordinates36°19′50″N 136°26′24″E / 36.33056°N 136.44000°E / 36.33056; 136.44000Coordinates: 36°19′50″N 136°26′24″E / 36.33056°N 136.44000°E / 36.33056; 136.44000
Elevation0 meters
Awazu Onsen is located in Japan
Awazu Onsen

Awazu Onsen claims to have been founded by the shugendō monk Taichō in the Nara period. Taichō was a native of neighbouring Echizen Province and is said to have been the first person to have claimed Mount Hakusan, from which the hot springs at Awazu Onsen have their source. Although it is a small resort with few more than ten ryokan, each inn has its own well, rather than using a common source. The Hōshi Ryokan, founded in 718 AD was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest hot spring innfounded in 705.[1] .

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