The Awadh Punch (or Oudh Punch) was an Urdu satirical weekly published from Lucknow, India from 1877 to 1937,[1] It was launched on Jan 16, 1877 and was founded and edited by Munshi Sajjad Husain.[2] It was modeled on Punch, a London-based weekly magazine from which it also derived its name.[3] Some of its notable contributors were Ratan Nath Dhar Sarshar, Syed Mohammad Azad, Tribhavan Nath Hijr, Machchu Baig Sitam Zareef, Javala Prashad Barq, Ahmed Ali Shauq Qidvai and Akbar Allahabadi.[2] The paper was one of the first to publish political satire, especially protesting British rule, in India.[4][5] It had to be closed down in 1912 but was revived in 1916 and it continued till, at least, Dec 1937. [2] The third and last attempt to revive it was published by Ahmad Jamal Pasha in 1959 and closed in 1962.[6]

Awadh Punch
Cover page, 1878
CategoriesSatire, comedy
FounderSajjad Husain
Final issue1937
Based inLucknow

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