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Avant Window Navigator (abbreviated AWN or Awn) is a dock-like bar for Linux, which sits on an edge of a user's screen and tracks open windows. Instead of representing open windows as buttons or segments on a bar, it uses large icons on a translucent background to increase readability and add visual appeal. The program was created by Neil J. Patel.

Avant Window Navigator
Awn logo.png
A Screenshot of a development version of AWN
A Screenshot of a development version of AWN
Original author(s) Neil J. Patel
Developer(s) Awn-core Team
Stable release
0.4.2 / November 27, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-11-27)
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Written in C, Python, Vala
Platform Unix-like
Available in English

Both the appearance and functionality of Avant Window Navigator may be customized, and plugins and applets are available, such as to display the progress of a download in Mozilla Firefox or to control a music player like Rhythmbox.[1] The plugins use the D-Bus IPC system, and applets can be written in C, Python or Vala. A sister project, AWN Extras, is a collection of community-contributed applets and plugins. Releases are usually kept in sync with AWN.

One of the major requirements to run older versions of Avant Window Navigator is a compositing window manager. At least version 0.4.0-2 in the Debian repos has either Metacity, xcompmgr, Compiz, xfwm4, KWin or Mutter as a dependency.[2]

Therefore, the user was required to install a compositor,[3] which could tax performance on low-end systems. Some alternatives were to use a lightweight desktop environment such as Xfce, which has a compositing manager since version 4.2.0, or to enable compositing in Metacity when using GNOME.[4] However, support for non-composited environments is available in version 0.4.0.[5][6]

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