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Austrian Brazilians (Portuguese: Austro-brasileiro, Austríaco brasileiro) refers to Brazilians of full, partial, or predominantly Austrian ancestry, or Austrian-born people residing in Brazil. The largest South-American nation is home to the second largest German-Austrian population outside their respective nations, after the USA. German is the second most spoken language in the country.[1][2] The author Stefan Zweig who wrote about Brazil, and the Habsburg-Lorraine Maria Leopoldina of Austria, Empress consort of Brazil, are among the most prominent Austrians to settle in Brazil.

Austrian Brazilians
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Mainly Southern and Southeastern Brazil
Predominantly Portuguese. Some speak German.
Christianity (Mainly Roman Catholicism), Protestantism, and others
Related ethnic groups
Other Brazilian and Austrian people
other White Brazilian as German, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Croat, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swiss, Luxembourger and Belgian Brazilians


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