The Australian Individual Speedway Championship historically known as the Australian Solo Championship is a motorcycle speedway championship held each year to determine the Australian national champion. It is organised by Motorcycling Australia (MA) and is the oldest continuously running national speedway championship in the world, having been run since 1926 with the exception of 1942-1945 when racing was suspended during World War II and 1955-1961 when the championship was not held.[1][2]

Australian Championship
Leigh Adams, ten time winner
SportMotorcycle speedway
Most titlesLeigh Adams (10)



The first Championship in 1926 was held at the Newcastle Showground in Newcastle, which was won by American rider Cecil Brown.[3][4] In the early years of the championship, multiple Australian titles were often held in the same year with some riders winning more than one title per year. Championships were run over anywhere from 2 to 6 laps and/or over 2 miles, often depending on the length of the track used.

Legendary Danish rider Ole Olsen and Australia's own Jason Crump are the only riders who have won the championship while being the reigning Speedway World Champion. Olsen's controversial win at the Liverpool Speedway in Sydney in 1976 was the last win by a non-Australian rider. His win was controversial as many of the riders at the meeting protested his eligibility because of his nationality. However, with Olsen available to ride the promoters of the speedway insisted on his inclusion knowing that he would draw a larger crowd.

From 1979 to 1994, the Championship served as a qualifying round for the Speedway World Championship.[5][6]

Past winners


Multiple championship era

Year Distance Venue Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1926 6 laps Newcastle Showground Cecil Brown ( ) Mick Brennan (NSW) Roy Hindle (NSW)
1927 4 laps Newcastle Showground Pat Hamilton (NSW) Tom Sharp Ted Rees (NSW)
1927 3 laps Newcastle Showground Paddy Dean (NSW) Ted Rees (NSW) Harold Murdoch (NSW)
1927 4 laps Newcastle Showground Ted Rees (NSW) Billy Lamont (NSW) Sprouts Elder ( )
1928 3 laps Claremont Speedway Sig Schlam (WA) Alby Taylor (SA) Harry Mangham (SA)
1928 6 laps Wayville Showgrounds Alby Taylor (SA) Vic Huxley (Qld) Sprouts Elder ( )
1929 3 laps Wayville Showgrounds Frank Duckett (SA) Paddy Dean (NSW) Tommy Benstead (NSW)
1929 2¾hp/4 laps Davies Park Frank Pearce (Qld) Frank Arthur (NSW)
1929 3½hp/4 laps Davies Park Max Grosskreutz (Qld) Alby Taylor (SA) Frank Pearce (Qld)
1929 2 miles Claremont Speedway Sig Schlam (WA) Cec Walker (WA) Syd Parsons (SA)
1930 3 laps Wayville Showgrounds Jack Chapman (SA) Jack Ormston ( ) Frank Arthur (NSW)
1930 6 laps Claremont Speedway Arthur Atkinson ( ) Jack Chapman (SA) Bill Dunne (WA)
1930 2 miles Exhibition Speedway Reg West (Vic) Lionel Davey (Qld) Len Woods (Vic)
1931 2 laps Melbourne Motordrome Harold Hastings (Qld) Max Grosskreutz (Qld) Frank Duckett (SA)
1931 4 laps Bathurst Sports Ground Harold Murdoch (NSW) Ken Kirkman (NSW) Bruce Webb (NSW)
1931 6 laps Wayville Showgrounds Ray Tauscher ( ) Jack Hanson (SA) Laurie Packer (SA)
1932 2 laps Cumberland Oval Wally Little (NSW) Ken Kirkman (NSW) Jim McMahon (NSW)
1932 3 laps Wayville Showgrounds Arnie Hansen (SA) Max Grosskreutz (Qld) Dick Wise (SA)
1932 4 laps Exhibition Speedway Bill Rogers (NSW) Lionel Davey (Qld) Frank Apted (Vic)
1933 Exhibition Speedway Larry Boulton ( ) Bert Spencer (Qld) Jack Bibby (Vic)
1934 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Vic Huxley (Qld) George Greenwood ( ) Frank Arthur (NSW)
1935 Sydney Showground Bluey Wilkinson (NSW) Tiger Stevenson ( ) Frank Varey ( )
1936 Sydney Showground Max Grosskreutz (Qld) Vic Huxley (Qld) Jack Milne ( )
1937 Sydney Showground Jack Milne ( ) Wilbur Lamoreaux ( ) Vic Duggan (NSW)
1938 3 laps Sydney Showground Bluey Wilkinson (NSW) Jack Milne ( ) Joe Abbott ( )
1938 4 laps Sydney Showground Bluey Wilkinson (NSW) Wilbur Lamoreaux ( ) Clem Mitchell (SA)
1938 5 laps Camden Motordrome Jack Parker ( ) Cordy Milne ( ) Frank Woodroofe (SA)
1939 not held
1940 Sydney Showground Cordy Milne ( ) Vic Duggan (NSW) Lionel Van Praag (NSW)
1941 Sydney Sports Ground Vic Duggan (NSW) Lionel Van Praag (NSW) Max Grosskreutz (Qld)
1942-1945 not held
1946 Sydney Sports Ground Frank Dolan Lionel Van Praag (NSW) Bill Rogers (NSW)
1947 2 laps Tracey's Speedway Bill Rogers (NSW) Lionel Van Praag (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW)
1947 3 laps Sydney Sports Ground Vic Duggan (NSW) Lionel Van Praag (NSW) Ray Duggan (NSW)
1947 4 laps Brisbane Exhibition Ground Andy Menzies (Vic) Charlie Spinks (Qld) Keith Cox (Qld)
1948 2 laps Sydney Showground Vic Duggan (NSW) Max Grosskreutz (Qld) Bill Melluish
1948 3 laps Sydney Sports Ground Vic Duggan (NSW)[7] Norman Parker ( ) Max Grosskreutz (Qld)
1948 2 laps Sydney Showground Vic Duggan (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW) Ray Duggan (NSW)
Alec Statham ( )
1949 2 laps Sydney Showground Aub Lawson (NSW) Jack Biggs (Vic) Graham Warren (Qld)
Eric Chitty ( )
1949 4 laps Brisbane Exhibition Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Bill Rogers (NSW) Charlie Spinks (Qld)
1950 2 laps Sydney Sports Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Graham Warren (Qld) Jack Biggs (Vic)
1950 3 laps Tracey's Speedway Bill Kitchen ( ) Bill Longley (Vic) Aub Lawson (NSW)
Jack Biggs (Vic)
1950 4 laps Sydney Showground Jack Parker ( ) Aub Lawson (NSW) Bill Longley (Vic)
1950 cofc Sydney Sports Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Jack Parker ( ) Jack Biggs (Vic)
1951 3 laps Sydney Showground Jack Parker ( ) Keith Ryan (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW)
1951 4 laps Sydney Sports Ground Jack Parker ( ) Aub Lawson (NSW)
Tommy Miller ( )
1951 cofc Brisbane Exhibition Ground Jack Parker ( ) Aub Lawson (NSW) Tommy Miller ( )
1952 2 laps Maitland Showground Keith Ryan (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW)
Lionel Levy (NSW)
1952 3 laps Sydney Showground Keith Ryan (NSW) Jack Parker ( )
Lionel Levy (NSW)
1952 4 laps Sydney Sports Ground Lionel Levy (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW) Jack Parker ( )
1952 cofc Brisbane Exhibition Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Lionel Levy (NSW) Keith Ryan (NSW)
1953 3 laps Sydney Showground Aub Lawson (NSW) Lionel Levy (NSW) Allan Quinn (NSW)
1953 4 laps Sydney Sports Ground Lionel Levy (NSW) Aub Lawson (NSW) Don Lawson (NSW)
1953 cofc Brisbane Exhibition Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Lionel Levy (NSW) Keith Ryan (NSW)
1954 3 laps Sydney Sports Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Ken McKinlay ( ) Lionel Levy (NSW)
1954 cofc Sydney Sports Ground Aub Lawson (NSW) Lionel Levy (NSW) Rune Sörmander ( )


  • cofc (Champion of champions)

Single championship

Year Venue Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1962 Rockhampton Showgrounds Bob Sharp (NSW) Ivan Mauger ( ) Keith Gurtner (Qld)
1963 Rockhampton Showgrounds Mike Broadbank ( ) Keith Gurtner (Qld) Ivan Mauger ( )
1964 Sydney Showground Ken McKinlay ( ) Jack Scott (SA) Ray Cresp (Vic)
1965 Sydney Showground Bob Sharp (NSW) Brian Collins (NSW) Bill Bryden (NSW)
1966 Rowley Park Chum Taylor (WA) Jimmy Gooch ( ) Dennis Gavros (SA)
1967 Rowley Park Jack Scott (SA) Göte Nordin ( ) Ken McKinlay ( )
1968 Sydney Showground Jim Airey (NSW) Nigel Boocock ( ) Eric Boocock ( )
1969 Sydney Showground Jim Airey (NSW) Ken McKinlay ( )
Jack White (Qld)
Greg Kentwell (NSW)
1970 Sydney Showground Jim Airey (NSW) John Boulger (SA) Kevin Torpie (Vic)
1971 Claremont Speedway John Boulger (SA) Bob O'Leary (WA) John Langfield (NSW)
1972 Rowley Park Jim Airey (NSW) Ole Olsen ( ) John Boulger (SA)
1973 Sydney Showground John Boulger (SA) John Langfield (NSW) Billy Sanders (NSW)
1974 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Steve Reinke (Qld) John Boulger (SA) John Titman (Qld)
1975 Sydney Showground Phil Crump (Vic) John Titman (Qld) Phil Herne (NSW)
1976 Liverpool Speedway Ole Olsen ( ) Phil Crump (Vic) Billy Sanders (NSW)
1977 Brisbane Exhibition Ground John Titman (Qld) Phil Crump (Vic) Billy Sanders (NSW)
1978 Claremont Speedway Billy Sanders (NSW) Phil Herne (NSW) Lloyd Cross (WA)
1979 Olympic Park Phil Crump (Vic) Danny Kennedy (Vic) John Boulger (SA)
1980 Sydney Showground Billy Sanders (NSW)[8] Phil Crump (Vic) John Titman (Qld)
1981 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Billy Sanders (NSW) Phil Crump (Vic) John Titman (Qld)
1982 Claremont Speedway Billy Sanders (NSW) Gary Guglielmi (NSW) Glyn Taylor (WA)
1983 Speedway Park Billy Sanders (NSW) Glyn Taylor (WA) Phil Crump (Vic)
1984 Olympic Park Phil Crump (Vic) Billy Sanders (NSW) Gary Guglielmi (NSW)
1985 Pioneer Park Speedway Billy Sanders (NSW) Phil Crump (Vic) Stan Bear (Qld)
1986 Pioneer Park Speedway Troy Butler (Qld) John Titman (Qld) Alan Rivett (NSW)
1987 Olympic Park Steve Regeling (Qld) Steve Baker (SA) Glyn Taylor (WA)
1988 Riverview Speedway Phil Crump (Vic) Steve Regeling (Qld) Craig Hodgson (SA)
1989 Newcastle Motordrome Glenn Doyle (WA)[9] Stephen Davies (NSW) Jamie Fagg (NT)
1990 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Glenn Doyle (WA) Leigh Adams (Vic) Stephen Davies (NSW)
1991 Arunga Park Speedway Craig Boyce (NSW) Glenn Doyle (WA) Glyn Taylor (WA)
1992 North Arm Speedway Leigh Adams (Vic) Shane Parker (SA) Mark Carlson (Qld)
1993 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Leigh Adams (Vic) Jason Lyons (Vic) Shane Bowes (SA)
1994 Olympic Park Leigh Adams (Vic) Jason Lyons (Vic) Jason Crump (Vic)
1995 Gosford Speedway Jason Crump (Vic) Craig Boyce (NSW) Leigh Adams (Vic)
1996 Newcastle Motordrome Craig Boyce (NSW) Jason Crump (Vic) Tony Langdon (Qld)
1997 Brisbane Exhibition Ground Craig Boyce (NSW) Jason Crump (Vic) Ryan Sullivan (SA)
1998 Riverview Speedway Leigh Adams (Vic) Jason Lyons (Vic) Jason Crump (Vic)
1999 Olympic Park Todd Wiltshire (NSW) Jason Lyons (Vic) Nigel Sadler (SA)
2000 Gosford Speedway Leigh Adams (Vic) Mark Lemon (Vic) Todd Wiltshire (NSW)
2001 Riverview Speedway Todd Wiltshire (NSW) Leigh Adams (Vic) Mick Poole (NSW)
2002 Wayville Showgrounds Leigh Adams (Vic) Jason Crump (Vic) Ryan Sullivan (SA)
2003 Gosford Speedway Leigh Adams (Vic) Todd Wiltshire (NSW) Craig Watson (NSW)
2004 3 rounds Ryan Sullivan (SA) Leigh Adams (Vic) Todd Wiltshire (NSW)
2005 4 rounds Leigh Adams (Vic) Jason Lyons (Vic) Steve Johnston (WA)
2006 3 rounds Leigh Adams (Vic) Todd Wiltshire (NSW) Rory Schlein (SA)
2007 5 rounds Jason Crump (Vic) Leigh Adams (Vic) Steve Johnston (WA)
2008 5 rounds Chris Holder (NSW) Troy Batchelor (Qld) Joe Screen ( )
2009 3 rounds Leigh Adams (Vic) Chris Holder (NSW) Rory Schlein (SA)
2010 3 rounds Chris Holder (NSW) Troy Batchelor (SA) Darcy Ward (Qld)
2011 4 rounds Chris Holder (NSW) Darcy Ward (Qld) Davey Watt (Qld)
2012 3 rounds Chris Holder (NSW) Davey Watt (Qld) Cameron Woodward (Vic)
2013 3 rounds[10] Troy Batchelor (SA) Dakota North (Vic) Cameron Woodward (Vic)
2014 3 rounds Chris Holder (NSW) Jason Doyle (NSW) Josh Grajczonek (Qld)
2015 4 rounds[11] Jason Doyle (NSW) Sam Masters (NSW) Justin Sedgmen (Vic)
2016 4 rounds[12] Brady Kurtz (NSW) Sam Masters (NSW) Max Fricke (Vic)
2017 4 rounds[13] Sam Masters (NSW) Justin Sedgmen (Vic) Davey Watt (Qld)
2018 4 rounds[14] Rohan Tungate (NSW) Brady Kurtz (NSW) Max Fricke (Vic)
2019 5 rounds[15] Max Fricke (Vic) Rohan Tungate (NSW) Chris Holder (NSW)
2020 4 rounds[16][17] Max Fricke (Vic) Jack Holder (NSW) Rohan Tungate (NSW)
2021 cancelled due to COVID-19
2022 Gillman Speedway[18] Max Fricke Justin Sedgmen Tate Zischke
2023 4 rounds[19] Jack Holder Jason Doyle Max Fricke
2024 5 rounds[20][21] Rohan Tungate Max Fricke Jack Holder

Medals classification (2 or more titles)

Pos Rider      
1. Leigh Adams 10 4 1
2. Aub Lawson 9 7 3
3. Billy Sanders 6 1 3
4. Jack Parker 5 2 1
5. Vic Duggan 5 1 1
Chris Holder 5 1 1
7. Phil Crump 4 4 1
8. Jim Airey 4
9. Craig Boyce 3 1
10. Max Fricke 3 3
11. Bluey Wilkinson 3
12. Lionel Levy 2 6 1
13. Jason Crump 2 3 2
14. John Boulger 2 2 2
Todd Wiltshire 2 2 2
16. Max Grosskreutz 2 2
17. Keith Ryan 2 1 2
18. Glenn Doyle 2 1
19. Pat Hamilton 2
Sig Schlam 2
Bob Sharp 2

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  • Jack Milne of the USA won the 1937 Australian Championship and later that year won the 1937 World Championship. Bluey Wilkinson won the 3 & 4 Lap Australian Championships in 1938 before also going on to win the World Championship later that year, Chris Holder also won both the 2012 Australian and World Championships.
  • Leigh Adams was the reigning Under-21 World Champion when he won his second straight Australian title in 1993. Jason Crump would win his first Australian title in 1995 and later that year won the 1995 U/21 World Championship.
  • Adams also became the first reigning Australian Under-21 Champion to win the senior title when he won his first championship in 1992. Chris Holder became just the second rider to hold both titles at the same time in 2008
  • Phil and Jason Crump are the only father/son combination to win the Australian Solo Championship.
  • Billy Sanders holds the record for most title wins in a row, winning four in a row from 1980 to 1983. Sanders also won in 1978 and 1985 giving him 6 titles in 8 years, but lost his title in both 1979 and 1984 to Phil Crump. Vic Duggan (1941, 1947, 1948 [x3]) and Chris Holder (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014) have both won 5 Australian Championships.
  • Leigh Adams holds the record for most title wins overall with 10. Aub Lawson holds the record for most podiums with 19 between 1947 and 1954. Lawson's total includes his record of 4 wins in the Champion of Champions (1950, 1952, 1953 and 1954) and his second place in the 1951 Champion of Champions.
  • Mildura rider Jason Lyons holds the dubious record of having finished second the most number of times (5 - 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999 & 2005) without ever having won the Australian Championship.
  • The winner of the Championship receives the Billy Sanders Memorial Trophy, named after the speedway rider Billy Sanders.


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