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Australian Indian Ocean Territories

Australian Indian Ocean Territories is the name since 1995 of an administrative unit under the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, consisting of two islands groups in the Indian Ocean under Australian sovereignty:

Each of these island components has its own Shire Council: the Shire of Christmas Island and the Shire of Cocos.

It does not include the uninhabited Ashmore and Cartier Islands.


In 2004 a review of the territories was made.[1]

In 2012 the administration was reviewed by Australian parliamentary visits and enquiry.[2]

Administrators of the Australian Indian Ocean TerritoriesEdit

Administrator Evan Williams
Administrator Jon Stanhope
No. Name Took office Left office
1 Danny Ambrose Gillespie 1 July 1994 30 June 1996
2 Ron Harvey 1 October 1997 30 October 1998
3 Bill Taylor 4 February 1999 30 July 2003
4 Evan Williams 1 November 2003 31 October 2005
5 Neil Lucas 30 January 2006 22 February 2008
6 Brian Lacy 5 October 2009 5 October 2012
7 Jon Stanhope 5 October 2012 5 October 2014
8 Barry Haase 6 October 2014 4 October 2017
9 Natasha Griggs 5 October 2017 Incumbent


  • The Catholics are served pastorally by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth.
  • 80% of Cocos/Keeling Islands population are Malay Muslims.
  • 75% of Christmas Island population are Chinese Buddhists.


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