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Austin Scaggs is an American music critic and a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine. He's also written for Men's Journal. His father is musician Boz Scaggs.

Austin Scaggs
OccupationMusic journalist
FamilyBoz Scaggs (father)

Scaggs was born to Boz and Carmella Scaggs. His parents divorced in 1980, and after a three-and-a-half year battle, they were awarded joint custody.[1]

Scaggs read Rolling Stone as a child, but never planned to go into music journalism.[2] At 19, he moved from San Francisco to New York City to play guitar in a band, and began interning at Rolling Stone. He loved it and eventually began picking up small assignments. After two years, he began receiving travel assignments.[3] Four years into his job, he was assigned the section "Random Notes", which, incidentally, had been his favorite section as a child. He has interviewed many prominent musicians, including Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, and Ray Charles .[2] Scaggs will sometimes get inebriated with the artists he interviews; he did ecstasy with James Blunt.[4] In regard to his interviewing style, he has said that he does not "write to stir up controversy, make tabloid headlines, or get someone busted".[2]

Scaggs plays bass.[5]

Scaggs is an avid poker player and occasionally plays in celebrity tournaments.[6]


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