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Aulus Caecilius Faustinus was a Roman senator active during the reign of Trajan. He was suffect consul for the nundinium starting in August AD 99 as the colleague of Quintus Fabius Barbarus Valerius Magnus Julianus.[1] Faustinus is known primarily from inscriptions.

The cursus honorum of Faustinus is incomplete; only two of the offices he held are documented, both after he was consul. The first was as governor of Moesia Inferior, which he held from 103 to 105, when Trajan's Second Dacian War broke out.[2] Faustinus was immediately replaced as governor by Lucius Fabius Justus, who is known to have had more military experience.

The second office Faustinus is recorded as having held was proconsular governor of Africa in 115/116,[3] a position considered the pinnacle of a successful senatorial career. His life after he left the province is unknown.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Publius Sulpicius Lucretius Barba,
and Senecio Memmius Afer

as consules suffecti
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Quintus Fabius Barbarus Valerius Magnus Julianus
Succeeded by
Tiberius Julius Ferox,
and ignotus

as consules suffecti