Auldearn Castle

Auldearn Castle[a] was a castle near the village of Auldearn, Highland in Scotland.

Auldearn Castle
Auldearn, Highland, Scotland
Auldearn Castle is located in Highland
Auldearn Castle
Auldearn Castle
Coordinates57°34′39″N 3°48′44″W / 57.5776110°N 3.8123252°W / 57.5776110; -3.8123252
Site history
Built12th century


Constructed as an earth and timber motte-and-bailey castle during the reign of William the Lion in the late 12th century. [1] The castle was handed over by the constable Gillecolm de Madderty to Donald Meic Uilleim during a revolt in Moray in 1187. It was a royal castle used by the Scottish Crown. The castle was the site of the fealty of William, Earl of Ross to King Robert the Bruce in 1308.


  1. ^ Also known as Castle Of Auldearn, Auldearn Motte and Boath Motte


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