Augustinus Triumphus

Augustinus Triumphus (Italian: Agostino Trionfo; 1243 – 2 April 1328[1]), also known as Augustinus of Ancona, was a Hermit of St. Augustine and writer. He is celebrated for his work Summa de potestate ecclesiastica, printed in 1473. The Summa became a standard reference for papalist arguments in the later 16th century, and was several times reprinted.[2]

Augustinus Triumphus

Alongside James of Viterbo, Giles of Rome, and Alvarus Pelagius, Augustinus was among the leading pro-papal jurists.[3] His title Triumphus is first attested in the 16th century.[1]


  • Summa de potestate ecclesiastica. Arnold ter Hoernen, Cologne 26.I.1475 digital


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