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Augustin-Alexandre Dumont

Auguste Dumont, in 1829, by Auguste-Hyacinthe Debay
Statue de la colonne Vendôme

Augustin-Alexandre Dumont, known as Auguste Dumont (Paris 4 August 1801 – 28 January 1884, Paris) was a French sculptor.


He was one of a long line of famous sculptors, the great-grandson of Pierre Dumont, son of Jacques-Edme Dumont and brother to Jeanne Louise Dumont Farrenc. In 1818, he started studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris; he was a pupil of Pierre Cartellier. In 1823, he was awarded the Prix de Rome for his sculptures, and went to study at the French Academy in Rome.

In 1830, he returned to France. In 1853 he became a teacher at the École des Beaux-Arts. A disease kept him from working after 1875.



The Genius of Liberty (1833) topping the July Column in Paris
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