Auguste-Henri de Coincy

Auguste-Henri Cornut de la Fontaine de Coincy (1837, Lille – 30 January 1903) was a French botanist.

A native of Lille, he received his education at the lycée in Sens. Known for his investigations of flora native to Spain,[1] he was the author of "Ecloga plantarum hispanicarum", a five-part series on Spanish flora published from 1893 to 1901.[2] He was also the author of several papers involving the botanical genus Echium.[3]

As a taxonomist, he described the genus Rouya (family Apiaceae).[4] The genus Coincya (family Brassicaceae) commemorates his name.[5] The "Prix de Coincy [fr]" is an award issued by the Société botanique de France for excellence in taxonomic research.


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