Aufhausen Priory

Aufhausen Priory (Kloster Aufhausen), formerly the Aufhausen Oratory, is a Benedictine monastery located at Aufhausen near Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. The original community, dedicated to Saint Mary of the Snows, was founded in the late 17th century as an Oratorian community by the local priest, J.G. Seidenbusch. It was not dissolved during the secularisation of Bavaria in 1802–03, but remained under the title "Königliches Nerianerinstitut" (Royal Nerian Institute), at least until 1829. The last provost died in 1886.

It was re-settled in 1890 from the Benedictine house at Metten, and partly re-built.

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Coordinates: 48°52′23″N 12°17′04″E / 48.87306°N 12.28444°E / 48.87306; 12.28444