Auchinblae distillery

Auchenblae distillery was a scotch whisky distillery in Auchenblae, Kincardine, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.[1][2][3]


The distillery was created in 1895 in the former buildings of a spinning mill (itself built in 1795) beside Luther Water.[1] The design of the new distillery facilities was carried out by Charles C. Doig.[1] This included the building of a damn across the Luther Water, the fitting of a water-driven turbine generator for electricity and a new iron bridge to enable horse-drawn carts to reach the distillery.[1] The distillery went into liquidation in 1916 and was acquired by Macdonlad Greenlees, Williams Ltd, before finally closing in 1930.[1]

While many of the distillery buildings have been demolished, the hydroelectric turbine remains as does a pagoda roof building in the village centre on Burnett Street.[1][4][5][6]


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Coordinates: 56°53′50″N 2°27′01″W / 56.897204°N 2.450165°W / 56.897204; -2.450165