Auberge d'Allemagne

Auberge d'Allemagne (Maltese: Berġa ta' Alemanja) was an auberge in Valletta, Malta. It was built between 1571 and 1575[2] to house knights of the Order of Saint John from the langue of Germany.

Auberge d'Allemagne
Berġa ta' Alemanja
Auberge d'Alemagne.jpg
Laying of the foundation stone of St Paul's Pro-Cathedral on 20 May 1839,[1] with the remains of the auberge in the background
General information
Architectural styleMannerist
LocationValletta, Malta
Coordinates35°54′2″N 14°30′43″E / 35.90056°N 14.51194°E / 35.90056; 14.51194Coordinates: 35°54′2″N 14°30′43″E / 35.90056°N 14.51194°E / 35.90056; 14.51194
Construction started1571
Technical details
Design and construction
ArchitectGirolamo Cassar

It was vacated in 1798 when the Order was expelled during the French occupation of Malta. By the 1830s, the building was used as the residence of the Chief Justice.[3] Another part was used by the Mediterranean Fleet as a bakery and a mill.[4]

It was demolished in 1839 to make way for St Paul's Pro-Cathedral.[5] Auberge d'Allemagne was the only auberge in Malta to be intentionally demolished, since the other destroyed auberges were pulled down due to damage sustained in World War II.[6] Some remains may still exist in situ.[7]

The site of the auberge is now occupied by St Paul's Pro-Cathedral

The auberge was designed by the Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar,[8] but almost nothing is known about the structure.[5]

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