Attorney General of Bangladesh

The Attorney General of Bangladesh (Bengali: মহাব্যবহারদেশক, Mahābyabahāradēśaka) is the Bangladeshi government's chief legal adviser, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. The Attorney General is usually a highly respected Senior Advocate, and is appointed by the ruling government. The current Attorney General is Mahbubey Alam. The Attorney General is the ex-officio chairman of the Bangladesh Bar Council and accordingly he performs the duties assigned to that post and empowered to participate in any reference to Supreme Court made by the President under article 106 of the Constitution and can express his own opinion.[1][2]

Attorney General of Bangladesh
বাংলাদেশের মহাব্যবহারদেশক
Government Seal of Bangladesh.svg
Mahbubey Alam

since 13 January 2009 (2009-01-13)
Office of the Attorney General
StyleThe Honourable
SeatBangladesh Supreme Court, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
NominatorThe Prime Minister
AppointerThe President
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation19 February 1765 (1765-02-19)
First holderSir John Day
as Advocate-General of Bengal
DeputyAdditional Attorneys-General, Deputy Attorneys-General and Assistant Attorneys-General

Unlike the Attorney General of the United States, the Attorney General of Bangladesh does not have any executive authority, and is not a political appointee; those functions are performed by the Minister of Justice. The Attorney General is assisted by the several Additional Attorneys-General, Deputy Attorneys-General, and Assistant Attorneys-General.[3]

List of Attorneys GeneralEdit

No. Name Took office Left office
1 M. H. Khandaker
2 Faqueer Shahabuddin Ahmad 1972 1976
Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed 1976
Mustafa Kamal[4] 1977
Rafique Ul Huq 1990
Aminul Haque 1991 1994
9 K. S. Nabi[5] 1996 1998
10 Mahmudul Islam[6] 1998 2001
11 A. F. Hassan Ariff October 2001 28 April 2005
12 A. J. Mohammad Ali 30 April 2005 24 January 2007
13 Fida M. Kamal January 2007 16 July 2008
14 Salahuddin Ahmad 13 July 2008 12 January 2009
15 Mahbubey Alam 13 January 2009 Incumbent

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