Attempted assassination of Arsenio Martínez Campos

On September 24, 1893, the anarchist Paulí Pallàs attempted to assassinate Catalonia Captain General Arsenio Martínez Campos during a military parade in Barcelona. The attackers' two bombs missed their target and only slightly injured the general but seriously injured over a dozen others, with two deaths. The attacker, who did not attempt to flee, was arrested, sentenced to death and executed two weeks later. In his trial, he said he sought to avenge the executions of the anarchists killed following the prior year's Jerez uprising. The attack on Martínez Campos precipitated a series of reprisals that culminated in the assassination of Spanish Prime Minister Cánovas del Castillo in 1897.

Attempted assassination of Arsenio Martínez Campos
Paulino Pallas Atentat.JPG
Contemporaneous illustration of the attack
LocationBarcelona, Spain
DateSeptember 24, 1893 (1893-09-24)
TargetArsenio Martínez Campos
WeaponsTwo bombs
AssailantPaulí Pallàs
Anarchists condemned to death in Jerez


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