Athletics at the 1950 British Empire Games

Eden Park hosted the athletics competition and the games opening ceremony

At the 1950 British Empire Games, the athletics events were held at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand in February 1950. A total of 28 athletics events were contested at the Games, 20 by men and 8 by women. A total of seventeen Games records were set or improved over the competition.

A number of events can be viewed in series of 13 1950 Empire Games archive reels which have been placed by Archives New Zealand on YouTube.[1]

Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards   John Treloar (AUS) 9.7 GR=   Bill de Gruchy (AUS) 9.8   Don Pettie (CAN) 9.9
220 yards   John Treloar (AUS) 21.5   David Johnson (AUS) 21.8   Don Jowett (NZL) 21.8
440 yards   Edwin Carr (AUS) 47.9 GR=   Leslie Lewis (ENG) 48.0   David Batten (NZL) 48.8
880 yards   John Parlett (ENG) 1:53.1   Jack Hutchins (CAN) 1:53.4   Bill Parnell (CAN) 1:53.4
1 mile   Bill Parnell (CAN) 4:11.0 GR   Len Eyre (ENG) 4:11.8   Maurice Marshall (NZL) 4:13.2
3 miles   Len Eyre (ENG) 14:23.6   Harold Nelson (NZL) 14:27.8   Anthony Chivers (ENG) 14:28.1
6 miles   Harold Nelson (NZL) 30:29.6   Andrew Forbes (SCO) 30:31.9   Noel Taylor (NZL) 30:31.9
Marathon   Jack Holden (ENG) 2'32:57 GR   Syd Luyt (SAF) 2'37:03   John Clarke (NZL) 2'39:27
120 yards hurdles   Peter Gardner (AUS) 14.3 GR   Ray Weinberg (AUS) 14.4   Tom Lavery (SAF) 14.6
440 yards hurdles   Duncan White (CEY) 52.5 GR   John Holland (NZL) 52.7   Geoff Goodacre (AUS) 53.1
High jump   John Winter (AUS) 1.98 m GR   Josiah Majekodunmi (NGR)
  Alan Paterson (SCO)
1.95 m None awarded
Pole vault   Tim Anderson (ENG) 3.97 m   Stan Egerton (CAN) 3.97 m   Peter Denton (AUS) 3.88 m
Long jump   Neville Price (SAF) 7.31 m   Bevin Hough (NZL) 7.20 m   David Dephoff (NZL) 7.08 m
Triple jump   Brian Oliver (AUS) 15.61 m   Les McKeand (AUS) 15.28 m   Ian Polmear (AUS) 14.67 m
Shot put   Mataika Tuicakau (FIJ) 14.64 m   Harold Moody (ENG) 13.92 m   Leo Roininen (CAN) 13.68 m
Discus throw   Ian Reed (AUS) 47.72 m GR   Mataika Tuicakau (FIJ) 44.00 m   Svein Sigfusson (CAN) 43.48 m
Hammer throw   Duncan Clark (SCO) 49.94 m GR   Keith Pardon (AUS) 47.83 m   Herb Barker (AUS) 45.62 m
Javelin throw   Leo Roininen (CAN) 57.11 m   Luke Tunabuna (FIJ) 56.02 m   Doug Robinson (CAN) 55.60 m
4×110 yards relay   Australia
Scotchy Gordon
David Johnson
John Treloar
Bill de Gruchy
42.2   England
Brian Shenton
Jack Archer
Leslie Lewis
Nick Stacey
42.5   New Zealand
Arthur Eustace
Clem Parker
Kevin Beardsley
Peter Henderson
4×440 yards relay   Australia
Edwin Carr
George Gedge
James Humphreys
Ross Price
3:17.8   England
Derek Pugh
John Parlett
Leslie Lewis
Terry Higgins
3:19.3   New Zealand
David Batten
Derek Steward
John Holland
Jack Sutherland


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards   Marjorie Jackson (AUS) 10.8 GR   Shirley Strickland (AUS) 11.0   Verna Johnston (AUS) 11.1
220 yards   Marjorie Jackson (AUS) 24.3 GR   Shirley Strickland (AUS) 24.5   Daphne Robb (SAF) 24.7
80 metre hurdles   Shirley Strickland (AUS) 11.6 GR   June Schoch (NZL) 11.6   Janet Shackleton (NZL) 11.7
High jump   Dorothy Odam (ENG) 1.60 GR=   Bertha Crowther (ENG) 1.60 m   Noelene Swinton (NZL) 1.55 m
Long jump   Yvette Williams (NZL) 5.90 m GR   Judy Canty (AUS) 5.78 m   Ruth Dowman (NZL) 5.74 m
Javelin throw   Charlotte MacGibbon (AUS) 38.84 GR   Yvette Williams (NZL) 37.96   Cleone Rivett-Carnac (NZL) 34.43
yards relay
Marjorie Jackson
Shirley Strickland
Verna Johnston
47.9 GR   New Zealand
Lesley Rowe
Dorothea Parker
Shirley Hardman
48.7   England
Dorothy Hall
Margaret Walker
Sylvia Cheeseman
yards relay
Ann Shanley
Marjorie Jackson
Shirley Strickland
Verna Johnston
1:13.4 GR   England
Doris Batter
Dorothy Hall
Margaret Walker
Sylvia Cheeseman
1:17.5   Canada
Elaine Silburn
Eleanor McKenzie
Gerry Bemister
Patricia Jones

Medal tableEdit

Shirley Strickland (statue above) won a hurdles gold medal, two relay golds and two sprint silvers for Australia.

  *   Host nation (New Zealand)

1  Australia (AUS)158528
2  England (ENG)57214
3  New Zealand (NZL)*261220
4  Canada (CAN)22610
5  Fiji (FIJ)1203
  Scotland (SCO)1203
7  South Africa (SAF)1124
8  Ceylon (CEY)1001
9  Nigeria (NGR)0101
Totals (9 nations)28292784