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Atentát (english title: The Assassination) is a 1964 black-and-white Czechoslovak war film directed by Jiří Sequens. The World War II story depicts events before and after the assassination of top German leader Reinhard Heydrich in Prague (Operation Anthropoid). The film was entered into the 4th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Golden Prize.[1] Czech historians have called the film the historically most accurate depiction of the events surrounding Operation Anthropoid.[2][3][4]

Atentat 1964 film poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byJiří Sequens
Written byKamil Pixa
Jiří Sequens
StarringRadoslav Brzobohatý
CinematographyRudolf Milic
Release date
  • 20 August 1964 (1964-08-20)
Running time
104 minutes



On September 27, 1941, Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most feared top officials of the Nazi Party, an architect of the Holocaust and Hitler's possible successor, is appointed "Reichsprotektor" of Bohemia and Moravia. As a result of his brutality and oppression he is also called "The Butcher of Prague" or "The Blond Beast".

In Britain, a squad of agents is selected, trained and parachuted into Czechoslovakia. The team operated in Prague and planned the attack for about six months. The mission, Operation Anthropoid, is executed in the capital on May 27, 1942 by means of an ambush but almost fails when one of their Sten guns jams and they are obliged to use a grenade instead. Heydrich eventually succumbs to his wounds and during the frenzied aftermath the German high command takes savage reprisals, including the massacre of 340 men, women and children of the village of Lidice and the razing of the village. The group is eventually betrayed by one of its members and they are cornered in a church crypt in Prague. In the gun-battle that follows all agents commit suicide.


The characters of agents don't use the historical real names but the historical cover names used for the operation (e.g. Jan Kubiš is named as Otto Strnad).


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