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Atari Logo is cartridge-based version of the Logo programming language for the Atari 8-bit computers.

Atari Logo
Screenshot of Atari Logo after startup
Screenshot of Atari Logo after startup
Developer(s) LCSI
Initial release ROM cartridge 1983; 35 years ago (1983)[1][2][3]
Development status Discontinued
Platform Atari 8-bit family
Available in English
Type Logo interpreter
License Copyright © 1983 LCSI, Proprietary[4]

Atari Logo was developed by Logo Computer Systems, Inc. (LCSI) in Quebec, Canada. LCSI wrote Apple Logo, and the Atari version maintained strong compatibility with it. Atari Logo also features commands that supported the Atari 8-bit enhanced graphics and sound: 4 simultaneous drawing turtles, turtles that look like actual turtles instead of triangles, redefinable turtle shapes, and an event handler for collision detection.


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