Atani is a city on the eastern bank of the Niger River in Anambra State, Nigeria. It was a town populated by early fishermen and migrant settlers. Atani is still the rice, fish, yam and cassava basin of Anambra state, producing most of the food sold in many markets in Delta and Anambra States. Atani people are Igbos.

Atani Idu na Oba
Atani is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 6°1′N 6°45′E / 6.017°N 6.750°E / 6.017; 6.750
CountryFlag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
StateAnambra State

The few private industries in town involve fish processing and rice packaging.

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Atani is the headquarter of Ogbaru Local Government Area, a Local Government in the Northern Senatorial District of Anambra State.

Coordinates: 6°00′47″N 6°44′46″E / 6.013°N 6.746°E / 6.013; 6.746