Association of Assistant Mistresses

The Association of Assistant Mistresses (AAM) was a trade union representing female teachers in British secondary schools.

Association of Assistant Mistresses
Merged intoAssistant Masters' and Mistresses' Association
Headquarters29 Gordon Square, London
  • United Kingdom
39,000 (1978)

The union was founded in 1884 as the Association of Assistant Mistresses in Secondary Schools Incorporated, the last part of the name later being dropped. Membership of the union grew steadily, reaching 1,000 in 1910, and 39,000 in 1978. That year, single sex unions were banned, and the AAM accordingly merged with the Assistant Masters' Association, forming the Assistant Masters' and Mistresses' Association.[1]

General SecretariesEdit

M. Quarrier Hogg
1921: U. Gordon Wilson
c.1943: O. M. Hastings
1960: Sheila Wood


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