Assia Dagher

Assia Dagher (Arabic: آسيا داغر; 6 March 1908 – 12 January 1986) was a Lebanese-Egyptian actress and film producer.

Assia Dagher
آسيا داغر
Almaza Dagher

(1908-03-06)March 6, 1908
DiedJanuary 12, 1986(1986-01-12) (aged 77)
NationalityLebanese, Egyptian
Occupation(s)Actress, film producer


Dagher (Almaza Dagher) was born in Tannourine, Lebanon on March 6, 1908.[1] She moved to Cairo with her sister Mary, and niece Mary Queeny in 1919, when she was only 11 years old, after the French occupation of Syria and Lebanon. She stayed with Asaad Dagher, her cousin, who was a writer and journalist at the famous Al-Ahram newspaper. She got the Egyptian nationality in 1933.

The first time she acted was in 1926 in a film called Laila, directed by Wadad Orfi. Dagher was the first Lebanese to be on the big screen. She produced over 100 films including Back Again (1957) and Saladin (1963) and played the lead role in only 20 of them.[2]


As ProducerEdit

The Pretty Mothers-in-law (1954) الحماوات الفاتنات The Pretty Mothers-in-law (International: English title)
Back Again (1957) رد قلبي Back Again (International: English title)
Saladin (1963) الناصر صلاح الدين Saladin the Victorious (International: English title)

As ActressEdit

As ActressEdit

Laila (1927) ليلى Laila (International: English title)
Ghadat al-sahara (1929) غادة الصحراء The Desert Belle (International: English title)
Wakhz el damir (1932) وخز الضمير A Guilty Conscience (International: English title)
Endama toheb el maraa (1933) عندما تحب المرأة When a Woman Loves (International: English title)
Uyun sahira (1934) عيون ساحرة Bewitching Eyes (International: English title)
Shajarat al-durr (1935) شجرة الدر Queen Shajarat al-Durr (International: English title)
Banknote (1936) بنكنوت Banknote (International: English title)
Zawja bil nayaba (1937) زوجة بالنيابة Wife in Waiting (International: English title)
Bint el-Basha el-Mudir (1938) بنت الباشا المدير Daughter of the Pasha in Charge (International: English title)
Fattich an el-mar'a (1939) ابحث عن المرأة Look for the Woman (International: English title)
Zelekha tuhib Achur (1939) زليخة تحب عاشور Zelkha Loves Ashour (International: English title)
Fatat mutamarrida (1940) فتاة متمردة A Rebellious Girl (International: English title)
El-arris el-khamis (1941) العريس الخامس The Fifth Suitor (International: English title)
Imra'a khatira (1941) إمرأة خطيرة Dangerous Woman (International: English title)
El-charid (1942) الشريد The Wanderer (International: English title)
El-muttahama (1942) المتهمة The Suspect (International: English title)
Law kunt ghani (1942) لو كنت غني If I Were Rich (International: English title)
Imma guinan (1944) اما جنان What Madness! (International: English title)
El-qalb louh wahid (1945) القلب له واحد The Heart Has Its Reasons (International: English title)
Haza ganahu abi (1945) هذا جناه أبي This Was My Father's Crime (International: English title)
El-hanim (1946) الهانم The Lady (International: English title)


  1. ^ The Encyclopedia of Arab Women Filmmakers lists her birth year as 1904, while the Egypt State Information Service indicates that she was born in 1912. An interview with Mona Ghandour by the Doha Film Institute indicated she was born in 1908.
  2. ^ Hillauer, Rebecca (2005). Encyclopedia of Arab Women Filmmakers. Cairo: American Univ. in Cairo Press. p. 31. ISBN 977-424-943-7.

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