Asisten Rumah Tangga

Asisten Rumah Tangga is an Indonesian soap opera produced by SinemArt. It first aired on RCTI on March 27, 2016.[1]

Asisten Rumah Tangga
GenreMusical Comedy Drama[citation needed]
Created bySinemArt
Written byVemmy Sagita
Respati Wulandari
Directed byVemmy Sagita
Theme music composerRina Nose
Opening themeRina Nose, Maju Mundur Cantik
Ending themeRina Nose, Maju Mundur Cantik
Country of originIndonesia
Original languageIndonesian
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes73
Executive producerEly Yanti Noor
ProducerLeo Sutanto
Production locationsJakarta, Indonesia
Running timeOne hour (22:00-23:00pm Indonesian Western Time)
Production companySinemArt
DistributorMedia Nusantara Citra
Original networkRCTI
Picture formatSDTV (480i)
Audio formatStereo
Dolby Digital 5.1
First shown inMarch 27, 2016
Original releaseMarch 27 (2016-03-27) –
September 3, 2016 (2016-09-03)
Preceded byKau Seputih Melati
Followed byAsisten Rumah Tangga 2
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The plot of this series revolves around the main character, Anna, played by Celine Evangelista. She leaves her poor hometown to seek a fortune in the capital city of Jakarta. While attending university in Jakarta, Anna struggles financially, which leads her to work as a maid for a businessman named Rio, played by Dirly.

Rio is kind and supportive of Anna and helps pay for her food and clothes. Although the two fall in love, they remain silent about their feelings in order to maintain their professional boundaries as employee and employer.

Rio's friend, Daniel, played by Mischa Chandrawinata, visits Rio often. When Daniel sees Anna, he falls in love with her as well. Other maids in the residential complex begin to meddle, and the love triangle soon becomes even more complicated.


Main castEdit

  • Celine Evangelista as Anna (19), a beautiful and hard-working young girl. She goes to school and works in Jakarta so she can help her family in her hometown. She works as a maid in Rio's house.
  • Dirly as Rio (26), a young and single businessman who is too busy to take care of his own house and hires Anna as his housekeeper.
  • Mischa Chandrawinata as Daniel (26), a single and kind yet goofy man who is Rio's best friend.
  • Ana Pinem
  • Marcella Simon
  • Natalie Sarah

Supporting castEdit


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