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Ash-Shiraa (or Al-Shiraa) (Arabic: الشراع| The Sail in English) is an Arabic weekly magazine published in Lebanon.[1] The magazine is one of the oldest publications in the country.

Ash Shiraa
Editor-in-chiefHassan Sabra
Year founded1948; 71 years ago (1948)
Based inBeirut
WebsiteAsh Shiraa

History and profileEdit

Ash-Shiraa was launched in 1948.[2] It is described as an anti-Syrian publication[3] and is based in Beirut.[4]


The magazine was the first to report that the United States had been selling weapons to Iran, a scandal that was later revealed to have been part of an arms-for-hostages deal (see Iran-Contra Affair).[3] The report was published in the magazine on 3 November 1986.[5]

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