Asa Jennings

Asa Kent Jennings (1877–1933) was a Methodist pastor from upstate New York and a member of the YMCA.[1] In 1904, while in his twenties, Jennings was struck down by Pott's disease, a type of tuberculosis which affects the spine. As a result of his tuberculosis, he stood not much taller than 5 foot and with a noticeable hunch back.[2] In 1922, he commanded the evacuation of 350,000 helpless refugees from the shores of Smyrna (today İzmir) in Turkey following the Great Fire of Smyrna.[3][4] For his work, Greece awarded Jennings its highest civilian honor, the Cross of the Order of the Redeemer, and the highest war honor, the medal of Military Merit.[5] In 1945, MGM Studios made a 10-minute short film based on the life of Asa Jennings.[6]


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