Asa (album)

Asa is the sixth studio album by the German Viking metal band Falkenbach. It was released in 2013 on Prophecy Productions.

Falkenbach Asa.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 1, 2013
GenreViking metal, black metal, folk metal
LabelProphecy Productions
ProducerVratyas Vakyas
Falkenbach chronology
Singles from Asa
  1. "Eweroun"
    Released: April 26th, 2013


Yvonne Duchateau of Sonic Seducer, Markus Endres of and Filip Van Muylem of Peek-a-Boo Magazine commented that the album combines stylistic elements from Falkenbach's entire career.[1][2][3] Duchateau wrote that what is new is the presence of more quiet songs with clear vocals, such as "Eweroun" and "Bluot fuër bluot", which gives a more immediate impression;[1] Endres wrote that "[i]n this tension between Nordic folklore with acoustic guitars and clear vocals, Pagan / Black Metal with sawing riffs, melodic keyboards and harsh voice, Asa comes alive".[2] Van Muylem called the combination of different expressions a "successful amalgamation of tradition without any clichés and fiery passion".[3]

Track listingEdit

1."Vaer stjernar vaerdan" ("Where Stars Become")4:39
2."Wulfarweijd" ("Wolfhunting")3:52
3."Mijn laezt wourd" ("My Last Word(s)")3:45
4."Bronzen Embrace"4:02
5."Eweroun" ("Forever")5:50
6."I nattens stilta" ("In Silence of the Night")6:24
7."Bluot fuër bluot" ("Blood for Blood")3:58
8."Stikke wound" ("Hidden Wound(s)")2:57
9."Ufirstanan folk" ("The Revived Folk")5:53
Total length:41:21
Bonus CD
1."Beloved Feral Winter"5:10
2."En lintinbluitin faran..." ("And Lime Blossoms Are Falling...")4:47
3."Return to Ultima Thule"3:26
4."I svertar sunna luihtint" ("In/From Swords the Sun Shines/Reflects")5:59
Total length:19:22


Additional personnelEdit

  • Nikos Mavridis - violin
  • Tyrann - vocals
  • Hagalaz - guitars
  • Boltthorn - drums
  • Patrick Damiani - mixing
  • Robin Schmidt - mastering
  • Albert Bierstadt - artwork
  • Costin Chioreanu - layout
  • Christophe Szpajdel - logo


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