Arweet/Ngarweet is an important tribal position in the Boonwurrung and Wathaurong peoples of the Indigenous Australian Kulin alliance who live from Western Port, Port Phillip, Geelong to Ballarat.[1][2] An Arweet is a leader or headman and holds a similar tribal standing as a ngurungaeta of the Wurundjeri people.

Notable Arweet include:

  • Derrimut (1810c - 1864), arweet of the Yalukit-willam clan of the Boonwurrung people[3][4]
  • Ningerranarro (died 1847) also known as Old Benbow of the Boonwurrung[1]
  • Noonallaboon (1842–1844), Burrumbeet balug of the Wathaurong[2]
  • Balybalip also called Bullurp Bullurp, Bil-le-bil-lup, and King Billy of Ballarat (c.1823-1881), Burrumbeet balug
  • Carolyn Briggs

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